Himalayan Dog Chews are the original long lasting hard cheese chew. These products are all natural with no preservatives or binding agents and are gluten-free! Dogs must work the end of the treat for hours, softening it with their mouths before small parts of it can be slowly chewed off and eaten. These are excellent alternatives to rawhides.  Let us find the perfect size chew for your dog.

Pair the Himalayan Dog Chew with a Bonehead choking prevention device.  Simply loosen the screw in the top of the Bonehead, insert the chew, tighten the screw and give it to your dog. When the treat is chewed down to the edge of the Bonehead, loosen the screw and remove the chew.   For an extra treat, soak the end of the chew in warm water for five minutes, and microwave for 45 seconds. You now can treat your dog to a homemade Himalayan puff! There is no waste!