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We know that what we feed our pets has a direct impact on their health. After spending thousands of dollars at the vet and losing two precious dogs to illness, we took a closer look at what was in the food we were feeding them every day. It was a real eye-opener. The ingredient lists were filled with grains, by-products, dyes, and harmful additives.

We want to give dogs and cats a fighting chance for their immune system and overall health. That’s only possible by making pet parents aware of more nutritionally-sound options so they can make informed decisions about their pet’s diet. Our store is fueled by knowledge and our food selection directly reflects the years of research we have personally performed, both independently and through talking with veterinarians and pet professionals. Our customers can rest assured that if it’s in the Station, it’s good enough for our pets.

– Cliff and Kelly


We love our customers from Lincoln areas around Roca, Hanlon, Jamaica, Saltillo, Rokeby, Cheney, Pine Lake, College View, Walton, Lincoln

Come visit our pet supply store in Lincoln, NE specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.